Adventures trip in Jim Corbett National Park

Hey I m Priyo Mukherjee…… my summer adventures trip of Corbett national park planned by Majestic Tour India… Dear I want to say, they outstanding in his work. And they make our tour comfortable… they are also careful for his client…the time duration of our tour is 3 days and 2 night.

Adventure is a world inside our mind; it depends on us on how to tapped and enjoy a certain freedom. Let us make an adventuresome world for us during your adventure vacations. One of us liked to take picture with tigers and when get down of vehicle to reach tigers, suddenly someone came run from nearby leaving his small carrot shop on a table top, asked 10rs if like to taking a picture with tiger. Then who stands there, and who are we? It seems he only had left the tigers on the small grass mound to pull money, along with the carrots he harvests around. There are days we could remember, people who visit photo studious used to take pictures with apparent animals, film stars and leaders by standing beside and dropping their arms on there shoulders. This is something different, and I wonder were they getting this idea, but it’s a trick to get money and it seems it spread to other destinations.

Enough… so talk something about our adventures trip. It was assume, we do more fun at Corbett national park. We were three family there… it’s a group tour because u don’t want to be alone at the Corbett national park in front of panther.

We did the most adventures activity at there like repelling fishing bird watching elephant safari. After that we  go to the Nanital it also called the city of lake. It’s like heaven on the earth.

Priyo Mukherjee

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