Doonagiri Glacier

Doonagiri glacier is one of the essential glacier of Dhauli Ganga organism of glacier where more than 500 glacier, of altered shapes and sizes be positioned in the bottomless and tapered valleys.

Doonagiri glacier is to be found in the district of Almora within the hill state of Uttaranchal in India.
Doonagiri glacier is covered the 5.5km long area, extending between an altitude of 5, 150 - 4, 240 meters above the sea level, from the heart, which is the deadly point of the glacier. A tributary originate from this glacier meets Dhauli Ganga near the Juma Greenwich Village.

Doonagiri glacier is amicable from Juma on the road to Joshimath-Malari. It is 8kms, from Juma defamation the Doonagiri village. It is a 12kms far away from Doonagiri village. Long foot-trek runs beside the Doonagiri tributary to reach the glacier nose. Bagini is another glacier which is situated in this valley. Doonagiri is the last village in the end of valley. Near the surrounding area of the glacier there is an excellent place for camping. The best time to visit at this place is mid May to mid October.


  • Juma - Doonagiri Glacier 20kms.
  • Juma - Doonagiri Village 8kms.
  • Doonagiri - Doonagiri Glacier 12kms.
By Road
  • Juma - Joshimath 43kms.
  • Joshimath - Srinagar 147kms.
  • Srinagar - Rishikesh 109kms.

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