Hemkund Sahib

About Hemkund Sahib :  Hemkund Sahib (also written as Hemkunt Sahib), crowned and more venerated sanctuary of Sikhs is located at an altitude of 4320mtrs along banks of the lake Hemkund. The crowned place is truly recognized like a refuge of meditation for the guru Gobind Singh, the tenth and the last of the gurus sikhs to require the unification with the Almighty. According to the Hindu mythology of conviction, Hemkund or popular Lokpal under this name also, is a place where Lakshmana, the young brother of Rowed, had made of its atonement.

This is that in years 1930 that the soldier named Havildar Modan Singh of Bengal of the sappers and minor regiment accidentally to know on this splendid place and could relate to the poem " Bachittar Natak". A little later, Havildar Modan Singh with Sant Sohan Singh, pertaining to Tehri Garhwal, and also to the retirement granthi of Indian army provided the foundations of the foundation of the current sanctuary in the year 1937.

Hemkund Sahib is enormous and formidable of walk of 15 km Govindghat. L' together from track of walk, on the way towards sanctuary passes by the forests of pines and rhododendrons, intersected with wild pinks in flowers, ferns and alpine flowers. The last 5 km of the path which leads to Hemkunt Sahib is a steep slope. This rise starts of Ghangharia, the place of rest before taking the track with Hemkund.

Hemkund Lake, which is d' approximately 2 km of circumference hold clear water in its field d' application and has a beautiful appearance of 5500mtrs. high Saptashringa Peaks which surrounds the sanctuary. You can find along banks of the lake Hemkunt covered stones foams and flowers, which are about to flower. The best season for Voyage in Hemkund Sahib is between July and October. The sanctuary is covered with snow in November, December, January and February.

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