Kausani Hill Station in Uttarakhand

Kausani is placed in the striking Kumaon hills of Uttarakhand Kausani is positioned at 6,075 ft above sea level; this tiny and serene hill-station is famous for its well-preserved natural beauty. It is also famous for 250 km-wide views of the Himalayan snow-peaks. Hardly some places of Uttranchal present that kind of unforgettable view of Himalayas as Kausani. This place also holds significance because Mahatma Gandhi stayed here for a long time in 1929. Kausani is the hometown of the legendary poet Sumitra Nandan Pant.Sumitra Nandan Pant was renowned Kausani as the 'Switzerland of India’.

Tourism and Tourist Places in Kausani

Kausani is ultimate to make vacation with the family unit. Because of its loveliness, tourists come here in all period of the year. Morning to evening, valleys to peaks, altered colours can be seen here.

At Kausani the mountains rise so spectacularly as if to get in touch with the heavens. Not just Kausani the complete Kumaon Hills have been well-known for their heavenly beauty with the enormous mountains silhouetted against the sky.

Kausani is a picturesque and majesty hill station positioned just 53 km from the north of Almora, in the Uttranchal. It is located at 6075 feet or 1890 mts above the sea level. From Kausani we can analysis 250 kms approximately the Himalayan Mountain. This area is full of bottomless and dark pine forest. Kausani is pretty often compared to Switzerland. It is also known as the jewel of the Himalayas.

KAUSANI (Sight Seeing)

Pant Museum A slight left from the Kausani town is a museum named after the legendry Hindi poet Sumitra Nandan Pant. The house which has the museum; it was the poet's house of his early days days. His daily use articles, drafts of his poems, letters, his awards etc. are displayed here.

Lakshmi Ashram Lakshmi ashram 1 km left from the Anasakti Ashram of mahatma Gandhi, this place is a inside run by women who do social service. Gandhiji's follower, Sarala Behen spent her life here accomplishment social service. This ashram is situated in a private area in an impenetrable forest.

Baijnath Baijnath 17 kms far away from Kausani, the mainly essential historical place in Uttranchal. Baijnath is located on the banks of Gomti canal. The Baijnath temple was build thousands year ago and can still be accepted for its carvings and sculptures. Some aged temples can also be found at here.

Pinakeshwar Pinakeshwar is the famous trekking area at Kausani. Its 9050 feet beyond sea level, this hill station is 20 kms far away from Kausani. Here is a holy place of Shiva from where one can sight several valleys. In the region of Pinakeshwar are other places similar to Old Pinakeshwar, Gopalkot, Huria etc.

Someshwar Someshwar is a famous valley of Uttranchal its 15 kms far away from Kausani, this is well-known Shiva temple build by King Somchand of the Chand Empire. In March of every year a festival is celebrate at here.

Anasakti ashram Mahatma Gandhi stayed at the Anasakti ashram in the year1929. After his vacation the place is called as "Gandhi ashram". He was very impressed by the peaceful environment of the hills around. He stayed here for 12days.
In this time period he wrote a book noble Anasakti Yoga. This book is available at the outstanding ashram library which also has lots of books on different topics. View of the peaks from this ashram in magic bounding and demonstration to watch. The ashram is peaceful and gives a freedom from strife to mind.

Kausani Tea Estate

Giria Uttranchal tea is the forename of the tea formed at Kausani tea estate. This estate is placed 1200 to 1800 mts above sea level. It is especially flavoured tea made with greatest be concerned for connoisseur of tea all over the world.

This tea is singular since it is grown in foggy and cool type of weather. Visit to the tea estate with the help of guides is on the cards. It’s really a superb place to visit in Kausani.

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