Lansdowne Hill Station

About Lansdowne : This beautiful hill station is situated at a comfortable distance of 250 kms from Delhi and 45 kms. from Kotdwar, lying in the Pauri district of Uttaranchal Lansdowne Hill Station is the choicest of the tourist destination for people who love serenity, romance and want to enjoy nature in its prolific form. The hill station is surrounded by cascading Himalayan mountain range, and this makes it completely idyllic for tourists who have taste for eco-tourism. Lansdowne Hill Station is a mesmerizing tourist spot where the tourists get the opportunity to see Mother Nature in pristine appearance.


Until late 70’s, Lansdowne Hill Station was known for its cultural activities, as people from different communities like Kumaonis, Garhwalis and Rajasthani started adopting each others culture.

Rajasthanis (Marwaris) greatly influenced the Garhwali culture, and over the years, they have also adopted the Garhwali culture. Many Pathans from the Shia community also came here for the labour work, while the other Muslim community inhabiting the hill station are largely Sunnis. The Landsowne Hill Station’s Mosque is unique in the sense that both the Sia and Sunni community Muslims can offer Namaz in the same Mosque.

Though Lansdowne Hill Station saw mixture of cultures and races, none of social evil practices like Sati Pratha, Child Marriage etc. from the culture ever became the part of it. Lansdowne Hill Station also remains untouched by the popular Pashu-Bali (Animal Sacrifice), prevalent in Garhwal and Kumaon regions. The education system at Lansdowne Hill Station is also liberal in its culture where children belonging to different classes and families study as well as interact together.

Why to Visit

Lansdowne Hill Station, Uttaranchal has clean fresh air that gives the tourists an enthralling experience altogether. The beautiful hill station has something or the other stored for the tourists. For the pilgrims, Lansdowne Hill Station offers Siddhpeeth route for the pious pilgrims, while there is an adventurous route for the fun loving tourists who want to enjoy nature and animal lovers. Lansdowne Hill Station also provides adventure sports for the dare devil tourists, while one can also enjoy culture tourism with equal pleasure.

Lansdowne Hill Station is prominently occupied by Garhwal Rifles, who have a key role to play in its up keeping and maintenance. Garhwal Rifles has a huge parade ground right in the middle of the town, which serves training ground for the new recruiters. In addition, it feels great to see and applaud Garwhal Rifles second best kept Regimental Mess in Asia, complete with old armoury, weapons, hundreds of animal trophies and the regimental ghost.

Lansdowne Hill Station is also a growing secular business centre which offers good market place for the businessmen, so many Garhwali, Kumaoni, Rajasthani (Marwari), Muslims, Kannauji, Gorkhas and Christians. Tourists will truly feel the mixed culture prevalent out here.

Places to Visit in Lansdowne

The Garhwal Rifles Regimental War Memorial – AThe memorial centre was left open on the Armistice Day 11 Nov in the year 1923 by his Excellency Lord Rawlinson of Trent, who was Commander in Chief of India.

Garhwali Mess - Built in Jan 1888, the mess one of the oldest building in Lansdowne Hill Station that clearly shows the rich heritage of Army and the Lansdowne in general.

Regimental Museum – Named after Darban Singh Negi, the museum is a motivational hall left open for the public in the year 1983, and displays refine emblems of Garhwal Rifles.

St. Marry’s Church – Built in the year 1896. St Marry’s Church was not used for quite sometime after the year 1947, and the ignorance led to it deterioration. The church was again opened on Nov 29, 1980 for the mass. The church building was restored by Garhwal Rifles, and separate rooms were made to introduce exhibition of pre independence photographs and audio visual display of Regimental history.

St. John’s Church – Located on the Mall, in the vicinity of Forest bungalow road, the Roman Catholic Church (presently known as St. John’s Church) was completed in 1934. However, ever since its completion it was almost neglected, until Nov 29, 1980, when it was opened to conduct masses and functions.

Bhulla Tal – l known as Bhulla or “younger brother” in Garhwali dialect is devoted to Jawans of Garhwal Rifles who made distinguishable contributions in its construction, without receiving any government funds. The Tal also offers boating facilities, and in the vicinity lies Children Park, bamboo machan and fountains. All these facilities provide ideal entertainment for the children as well adults.

Tip-In-Top – A popular tourist destination spot, Tip-In-Top lies adjacent to the ridge leading to St. Mary’s Church. The spot offers a splendid view of the Himalayan ranges, and is also a good route for trekking.

Tarkeshwar Mahadev – The temple devoted to lord Shiva, is sophisticatedly enclosed by thick belt of Cedar trees. The temple is located at a distance of 38 kms., at an altitude of 1800 m to the north east of Lansdowne along the Lansdowne-Deriakhal road.

Hawaghar – This awesome spot is refreshing for trekking as it leads to Khyber Pass connecting to Jaiharikhal. Hawagarh offers an idyllic view of the snow covered Himalayan mountain ranges.

Durga Devi Temple – The revered temple is a true semblance of Goddess Durga and lies at a distance of 24 kms. from Kotdwar. Located inside the cave, the temple stands along the banks of river Khoh.

How to Reach Lansdowne

Air : Jolly Grant (Dehradun) 145 kms. from Lansdowne is the nearest airport.

Rail : Kotdwar 45 kms. from Lansdowne is the nearest railhead.

Road : Lansdowne Hill Station is easy accessible by road from the adjoining cities and New Delhi. The Hill Station is approx. 250 kms from Delhi, 145 kms from Dehradun and 95 kms from Haridwar.

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