Pindari Glacier Trek

About Pindari Glacier :  As one trek down the route encircled by the majestic Himalayas, every movement becomes a spanking new tune of nature and at every arc the eyes hold a new countryside more striking than before. Attainment the superior levels, the trees fall off, the pines come to a close and the road enters a delighted garden of fern, wild flowers and rhododendron.

The Pindari Glacier, which is placed in Bageshwar constituency, falls in the Kumaon Himalayas and has lured mountaineers and trekkers while the last century. It is one of the most effortlessly reachable of all the Himalayan glaciers. Pindari's jagged loveliness offers a remarkable sight, particularly for the trekker who is in be in love with nature in all its immaculate beauty. Trek to Pindari Glacier is an unsurpassable and an invigorating experience for trekker.

Pindari Glacier placed between the Nanda Devi and Nandakot peaks and terminates at an elevation of 3627 m. The Glacier is 5 km long, the nose is about 6 m high and 2.5 m wide and above the snout, the glacier extends for about 3 km in length and 300 - 400 m in width, between altitudinal ranges of concerning 3600 m to 5000 m. The Pindari Glacier is to be found in the Pindar Valley among longitudes 79° 13'-80°02' E and latitudes 30° 15' N. It occupies an area of 339.39 sq km.

The valley is exhausted by the Pindar River that emerges from the Pindari Glacier. Pindar river, in his primary course, flows through sedimentary rocks. Further to the south, it meanders during quarts schist. Granite is found in profusion in this area. The Pindar River has cut a defile in thick glacial deposits up to virtually 10 km, resulting in the structure of spacious glacial terraces spread on both sides of the gorge. Further down, from Phurkia up to Khati, places enrooted to the Pindari Glacier, one comes across numerous waterfalls, hanging valleys and tremendous rolls cliffs as the one of at Dwali. One has to go by road up to Saung which can be accessed from Almora, Bageshwar and Kathgodam and thereafter one has to trek 45 km up to zero point (Pindari Glacier). The colour of Pindari Glacier is very white and at some places, spots of light blue and brown may also be seen.

Trekking in Pindari Glacier is well within the ability of any trekker, amply compensated by splendor of the majestic dignity of the Himalayas, the attractiveness of mountain flora and fauna, the snowy ranges, gurgling hill torrents and thunderous water-falls and the rays of the morning sun splitting into diverse shadowy hues, making evident every drop of dew on every blade of grass while in the distance, over the mountains, come the melancholic notes of a shepherds’ flute. The incredible wealth of colour and attractiveness never ceases to amaze, as with every curve of a twisty stream, and every corner rounded is present a new scene.

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