Roopkund - Best Place for Trekking in Himalayas

Roopkund is located in Chamoli district of Garhwal in Uttarakhand. Roopkund is only 155km from Almora, 217km from Nainital and 235km from Kathgodam. The location is isolated and is placed at an height of about 5,030 meters.


The skeletons were exposed in 1942 by a park ranger. At that time, it was supposed that the people died from an epidemic, landslide or blizzard. The carbon dating from samples collected in the 1960s unclear indicate that the people were from the 12th to 15th century.

In 2004, a group of Indian and European scientists visited the place to get more information on the skeletons. The team exposed very important clues including jewellery, skulls, bones and a potted body.


Roopkund is a beautiful tourist target in the Himalayas. Roopkund situated near the base of two Himalayan peaks: Trisul and Nandghungti. This place is famous for the annual Raj jat yatra. There is no road to reach Roopkund yet. 3 to 4 day trekking for reach to skeleton lake. The skeleton lake most time of the year cover by the ice. The journey to roopkund is pleasurable experience.

There are many route for the trek to Roopkund. Generally, tourist choose Wan trekking route. They climb a small hill at Wan and arrive Ran ki Dhar. Here is some flat area. It is best place for the Camping. If the sky is clear, you can see the the Bedni Bugyal and Trisul peaks. Next day trekking to Bedni Bugyal. This is 13 kms trekking from Wan. In the route see two temple and a small lake. In this place view of Himalayan looks very grand and beautiful. Than go up to Bhaguwabasa which is 11 km from Bedni Bugyal. Bhaguwabasa is the very close to Trisul. Many waterfall and landslide are visible on the extreme slope of the surrounding mountains. From Bhaguwabasa, trekkers either go to Roopkund and come back or they go to Shila Samundra (Ocean of Stones) via Geonaragali Col Pass, which is just above the lake, and then proceed with the trek up to Hemkund.

How to Reach

Kathgodam - Ranikhet - Garur- Gwaldam - Debal (1220 m) - Bagrigad (1890 m) - Mundoli village - Lohajung pass - Wan village (2590 m) - Bedni Bugyal (3660 m) - Ghora Lotauni - Kalu Vinayak - Roopkund

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